Product Description

Large touch screen menu
1.High sensitivity
2.Simple use, straightforward operation
3.With multi-languages
4.Powerful function like :
repeat-repeat cut the last job
Array-freely set to cut many lines and many columns and free set distance between each copy.

USB cable(real USB, no need to install the driver)
U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting)

Camera for auto contour cutting

Skycut patent feature-build in real camera for auto print & cut. High-accuracy, fast speed, and capable for any color materials and marks, like:
1.High reflective materials
2.Various color materials
3.Transparent materials
4.Any color marks

Fully Adjustable Pinch FeedAssembly
The pinch wheels can be individually arranged in a more convenient location, without cutting mat, it can cut materials ranging from 20mm(0.8") to 260mm(10"), up to 24" on the larger model

Metal body
Skycut model C vinyl cutter has a cute body but has an industrial professional design with a metal body. Stronger, stable, and higher accuracy. It has a max 750g cutting force, easily cuts many materials including vinyl, cardstock, HTV, fabric, EVA foam, and more.

Multi-Colored LED Lighting
User can freely change LED light color
it is cool when using the cutter in the evening

Laser Engraving(optional)
Skycut vinyl cutter has an optional laser part. Easily hang it on carriage cover, user can engrave it on wood, paper, etc.

Stand (Optional)

Engraving tool(Optional)
Hard Diamond blade. Users can easily engrave on metal, acrylic, etc.

Red, Green, White color (optional)

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